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The Board exists to assure that the mission of the Presbyterian Historical Society-to collect, preserve, and share our history-is achieved in the most effective and efficient manner in support of the mission of the PC(USA) and in faithfulness to God's call. They will perform that mission as committed stewards anticipating changing environments by:
  • setting strategic directions and measuring effectiveness and outcomes;
  • providing oversight and accountability to the church at large;
  • ensuring financial stability; and
  • serving as advocates for internal and external stakeholders.
The Board is comprised of up to twenty four members who are elected to four-year terms by the Committee on the Office of the General Assembly and confirmed by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.).

Members of the Board of the Presbyterian Historical Society:

    Class of 2014
    Joan Bergsteinsson (Radnor, PA)
    Robert G. Bradford (Charlotte, NC)
    Steve Grace (Beulah, MI)
    Virginia F. Rainey (State College, PA)

    Class of 2015
    Jane Carl (Pittsburgh, PA)
    William Marshall (Lexington, KY)
    Robert F. Morris (Moorestown, NJ)
    Cheryl Lynn Register (Minneapolis, MN)
    Raymond R. Roberts (Westfield, NJ)

    Class of 2016
    Betty Bergstrom (Chicago, IL)
    Joan Fong (Fremont, CA)
    Lisa Small (Yarmouth, ME)
    Paul G. Watermulder (Burlingame, CA)
    Louis B. Weeks (Williamsburg, VA)

    Class of 2017
    Michael Harrington (Sugar Land, TX)
    Sherry Jones (Natchez, MS)
    William L. Leonard (Philadelphia, PA)
    Paul M. Mecray III (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    Shirley Ann Satterfield (Princeton, NJ)