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Clinton United Presbyterian Church celebrates its 300th anniversary with a historical display
When is the next celebration date in the life of your congregation–5 years? 2 years? or 4 months? No matter how long or short your time, the Society can assist with helpful hints for celebrating the life of your congregation.

Each church is unique and has its own interests, style of worship and play, and abilities. Below are some initial points to consider as you develop anniversary celebrations appropriate for your congregation. Additional information may be found in Celebrate! Tips for Church Anniversary Celebrations.

  • Form an anniversary committee
  • Brainstorm with committee and congregation for ideas
  • Request budget money from session
  • Encourage volunteers for specific tasks or projects
  • Create and maintain an anniversary calendar or timeline for both the committee and congregation
  • Enjoy the anniversary event/events
  • Acknowledge all who helped with the anniversary event/events
Looking for some other examples? Read a profile on one church's bicentennial celebration festivities.

For more information, please contact the Society.