Caring for soldiers and freedmen

Presbyterian chaplains: Isaac W. Handy

  • John W. Alvord
  • Robert F. Bunting
  • Benjamin W. Chidlaw
  • Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney
  • Isaac W. Handy
  • Robert W. Landis

Rev. Isaac W. Handy (1815-1878) served congregations in Delaware, Missouri, Maryland, and Virginia. During the Civil War, the Union Army detained him at Fort Delaware for fifteen months for refusing to deny allegations that he made statements against the American flag. While at Fort Delaware, he preached every day and conducted Bible classes, contributing to the conversion of over seventy Confederate officers. The photograph here shows Rev. Handy (to the far left) preaching to fellow prisoners around 1863.

  • Handy Prison Camp
  • Left: Rev. Handy led worship at Fort Delaware by singing a popular hymn of the time, "A Charge to Keep I Have."

    Right: The Presbyterian Hymnal. (Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1874).

  • Presbyterian Hymnal