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Presbyterian chaplains: Robert W. Landis

  • John W. Alvord
  • Robert F. Bunting
  • Benjamin W. Chidlaw
  • Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney
  • Isaac W. Handy
  • Robert W. Landis

RW Landis

Born in Philadelphia to Baptist parents, Robert W. Landis (1809-1883) joined the Presbyterian Church at age twenty and was ordained in 1832. During the Civil War, Rev. Landis served three and a half years in the Union Army as a chaplain to a cavalry regiment. He kept a diary and recorded on the Sabbath, June 8, 1862:

"…I ought to have stated that besides the regimental service which is at 3 o'clock, I have services at the Hospital in the morning at 11. And in addition I have a Bible Class and prayer meeting appointed at my tent through the week…"

From 1868 to 1869, he occupied Dr. Robert J. Breckinridge's chair at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Danville, Kentucky, and later served as a professor at the seminary.