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Presbyterian History and Mission

Stewards of Our Heritage: A History of the Presbyterian Historical Society, by Virginia F. Rainey. (Geneva Press) $19.95

American Presbyterians: A Pictorial History, by James H. Smylie. $25.00

Iglesia Presbiteriana: A History of Presbyterians and Mexican Americans in the Southwest, by R. Douglas Brackenridge and Francisco O. García-Treto. $10.00

A Younger Church in Search of Maturity: Presbyterianism in Brazil from 1910 to 1959, by Paul Pierson. $10.00

All Black Governing Bodies: The History and Contributions of All-Black Governing Bodies in the Predecessor Denominations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). $8.00

The Rise and Decline of the Program of Education for Black Presbyterians of the United Presbyterian Church, USA 1865-1970, by Inez M. Parker. $15.00

Facile Princeps: The Story of the Beginning of Life Insurance in America [The Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund], by Alexander Mackie. $10.00

Presbyterian Women in America: Two Centuries of a Quest for Status, second edition, by Lois A. Boyd & R. Douglas Brackenridge. $55.00

Presbyterians and Pensions: The Roots and Growth of Pensions in the Presbyterian Church, by R. Douglas Brackenridge and Lois A. Boyd $15.00


Journals of Charles Beatty, 1762-1769, edited by Guy S. Klett. $10.00

Prisoners of Hope: A Search for Mission, 1815-1822, [Elizabeth and Elijah Pope Swift] by Marjorie Barnhart. $10.00

Reference Tools

Minutes of the Presbyterian Church in America. 1706-1788, edited by Guy S. Klett. $15.00

A Guide to Foreign Missionary Manuscripts in the Presbyterian Historical Society, by Frederick J. Heuser, Jr. $10.00

A Guide to Women’s Archival Resources in the Presbyterian Historical Society, by Kristin L. Gleeson & Frederick J. Heuser. $20.00

A Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., by Robert Benedetto. $45.00

Historical Directory of Presbyterian Churches and Presbyteries of Greater Philadelphia, by Kenneth A. Hammonds. $15.00

On Holy Ground: American Presbyterian/Reformed Historical Sites, nos. 1-100, edited by Mary Plummer & Gerald Gillette. $3.00

On Holy Ground II: American Presbyterian/Reformed Historical Sites, nos. 101-200, edited by Julie A. Durway & William B. Bynum. $7.00

Special Issues of Our Journal

"Missionaries, Multiculturalism, and Mainline Protestantism” (Journal of Presbyterian History 81:2) $25.00

"Presbyterians and Mormons" (Journal of Presbyterian History 80:4) $25.00

"Denominational History Today" (Journal of Presbyterian History 79:3) $25.00

"Presbyterians in Time of Controversy" (Journal of Presbyterian History 78:1) $25.00 [read online]

"Presbyterians and Native Americans" (Journal of Presbyterian History 77:3) $25.00

"The Legacy of Eugene Carson Blake" (Journal of Presbyterian History 76:4) $25.00

"Presbyterians and Education" (Journal of Presbyterian History 76:1) $25.00

"Montreat Conference Center: One Hundred Years" (American Presbyterians 74:2) $25.00

"Pioneer Presbyterian Congregations" (American Presbyterians 67:1 and 2) $25.00

"American Presbyterians in India/Pakistan" (Journal of Presbyterian History 63:2) $25.00

"Presbyterians and the American Revolution: A Documentary Account" (Journal of Presbyterian History 52:4) $25.00