Writing a Congregation History
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Writing congregation histories

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Documenting the history and work of your church can take many forms and formats, from books to brochures, to websites. You should pick the structure you want your history to take, and we hope this resource will help you start the process.

Hints for topics to include:

    Church Life:
    Worship, committees, session/diaconate events, fellowship events (suppers, picnics, outings), special activities (guest speakers, special classes, etc.), community service, members, pastors, staff, and Sunday School activities.

    Groups of the Congregation:
    Youth, Presbyterian Men, Presbyterian Women, Clubs (bowling, ...), Music Program (choir/choirs)

    Hints on where to find historical information:
    Congregation records, especially session, deacons, and trustees' minutes, Annual reports, newsletters, special event bulletins

    Presbytery records, Minutes of the General Assembly (for statistical information)

    Local or regional histories, local newspapers
Please contact the Society if you have any other questions.